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[Official] Track Passport Status.Get Your Passport Application Status Online

Track Passport Status.Get Your Passport Application Status Online

After Completion of 5 Business Days You can Start Tracking your Passport Status Online. FOllow Some Steps to Track your PassPort Status.
  • Go to the link (Passport Application Status) to Check Your Status. u can see Image Above.
  • Next Select Application Type passport/pcc/IC , RTI etc whatever your Application Type.
  • Enter your file Number Issued at the time of Passport Application process. This 15 digit file number is printed on the top right corner of the acknowledgement cover.
  • Enter Date of birth as you mentioned in the passport application.
  • You will see your Passport Current Status.
  • click on Track status.
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Monday, 12 September 2016

[**Official] Passport Application Form,How To Download/Fill Passport Application

Passport Application Form

Passport is the mandatory travel document who is looking to travel international places across the world. Earlier, people used to wait for a long time in order to get a passport after the application process. There was no online mode of application previously and people had to go visit the passport office in order to apply for a new passport. With the digitally technological advancement in technology it has become quite possible for every individual to apply for the passport with much ease thanks to the technology.

In advancement to the online passport application form, another simple process has come into evolution that issues a new passport for the applicant within a week days. In order to apply for a new passport, the applicants need to submit some documents that are provided below in a list. The applicant needs to fill the passport application with valid details. Here is everything you need to know about the Passport application form and many other essential details. Have a look!

Required Documents

If in case, you are applying to get a passport in just a week days, you need to attach just a 4 copies of documents that are listed below. All these 4 documents and just enough that will clear off the necessity of submitting several other ID proofs or documents for the passport office. Here is a list of all the essential documents that are required for an applicant in order to apply for a new passport online:
  • Aadhaar card
  • Electoral photo identity card (EPIC)
  • PAN card 
  • An affidavit in the format of Annexure-I (declaration of citizenship, family details and no criminal record)

Passport Application Form 

(Click here) to Download application form for passport.
Once you submit all these documents along with the passport application form, you can easily get passport within seven days. After the application form submission process, you need to come across simplified police verification that will hurry up the process of issuing passport to the particular passport applicant.

To be precise, the applicant needs to submit all the four documents at first and the passport will be issued to the applicant in time. Later, the police verification will be conducted at some time after the issuance of the passport. This process will be quite similar to the process of Tatkal passports.

In order to issue a passport in less span of time, no additional charges will be levied for this service offered by the passport office. This process of passport application form is in respect to the online validation of Aadhaar card number along with a valid authorization from the granting officer.

Besides this, the applicant needs to submit a voter ID card and PAN card that are validated. Before the approval of a passport, all these are required for a passport approval. If in case, the senior officer who is responsible for the issuance of a passport reports that some kind of opposing police report has come into light, then the passport could be confiscated and cancelled, even though they have issued before now .
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[**Official] Documents Required for Passport

Documents Required for Passport

Passport is an important document for every individual which is essential at the time of travelling from one country to other country. The person who travels to different locations outside the country must and should carry a passport. A passport is a mandatory document for the people visiting various countries and it is generally issued by a government of particular country. At the time of issuing a passport, they will verify whether the person belongs to that nation or not and other identity proofs are essential in order to issue a passport for a person.

The passport will be issued for travelling international-wide across the world. A Passport comprises of various details of a person that include the name of the holder, location or the country, date of birth, signature and other important details will be included in a passport. Are you looking to apply for a new Passport? If in case, you are seeking to get a new passport, you need to know some essential details regarding the application.

In order to apply for a new passport, the applicant needs to submit some significant documents at the time of online application. To help the applicants in the best way to check out complete information about the passport application, we are here with the best guide. Here, we are providing a detailed step by step procedure that helps the passport applicants to apply for a passport by knowing the documents that are essential for the passport application. Have a look!

Essential Documents Required for Passport

Applicants are mandatory to submit the following documents at the time of applying for a new passport. Here is a list of documents that must be submitted by the applicant for getting a new passport. Check it out!

1. Address Proof

As a proof of address, the applicants can submit the following documents listed below:
  • Ration card
  • Certificate from Employer of popular companies on letter head
  • Bills (Water/Telephone/Electricity)
  • Valid Bank Statement 
  • Income Tax Assessment Order 
  • Election Commission ID card
  • Gas connection Bill
  • Spouse’s passport copy
  • Parent’s passport copy (If in case of minors)

NOTE: If an applicant submits only a ration card as a proof of address, they must also submit another address proof from the above mentioned categories.

2. Aadhaar Card

Providing Aadhaar card will speed upthe processing of passport application. An Aadhaar card will be used as an identity document and it is also used for acquiring various passport related services.

3. Proof of Date of Birth

You need to submit your Birth certificate which is issued by a Municipal Authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths. You can submit any of the below mentioned documents as proof of birth.
  • Date of birth certificate from the recognized school or college
  • Affidavit affirmed Notary asserting date/place of birth
4. Residence Proof

You can submit any of the above mentioned documents as proof of your residence that is listed under the address proof.

These are the essential documents that are required for application of passport.
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

[**Official] Tatkal Passport, How to Get Tatkal Passport Quickly and Easily

Tatkal Passport, How to Get Tatkal Passport Quickly and Easily

Tatkal is a facility provided for all the users to get a Passport in a faster way. It is considered as a fast track passport issue facility which is usually required for the user who is in the need of passport urgently. If there is a genuine reason, any person can apply for passport via Tatkal Passport facility. By paying a certain amount of Rs.3, 500 to Rs.4, 000as additional fees, a person can get passport issued immediately through this scheme.


The verification process by the police will be done later and the applicant must appear before the passport issuing officer at the Regional Passport Office. The procedure of application for Tatkal Passport will be slightly varied with the regular passport. If you are not aware of application process of Tatkal passport, we are here to help you. Here is a detailed step by step guide that helps the passport applicants apply and get Tatkal passport online.

Documents required For Passport

Here is the list of documents that helps the passport applicant apply for Tatkal passport.
  • Photo Id
  • Election Card
  • Caste Certificate 
  • Ration Card
  • Pension Documents
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Driving Licence
  • Birth Certificate

How to apply for Tatkal Passport?

Here are the simple steps that help the user apply for Tatkal Passport online.
  • First of all, visit the official website of Passport Seva(Clickhere to go).
  • If you are a new user, you need to register at the official web portal.
  • Once you get registered, you will get a login id and password which is sent to your registered e-mail id.
  • Using the login id and password, you can login into your account and apply for Tatkal Passport. 
  • You need to choose between the options provided such as apply for fresh or Re-issue of Tatkal passport. You can choose any of these options.
  • Now, you need to choose the type of application or scheme.
  • You can either fill the application form via online mode or download the application form and apply it in a manual way.
  • After filling all your essential details in the application form, you need to re-check whether you have provided valid details or not. 
  • Submit the form just by clicking the submit button.
  • You can then make the payment process via net banking through any of the payment gate ways. 
  • Then take the printout of a receipt online for future reference. 
  • You need to visit RPO or Passport Seva Kendra with all your essential documents. For that, you need to book an appointment at the official web portal of Passport Seva. 
  • Once you take an appointment, you can visit the concerned Passport Seva Kendra on particular date along with the printout receipt, original and other copies of various documents. 
  • That’s it! These are the simple steps to get a Tatkal Passport online. 
After applying for a Tatkal Passport, the passport will be despatched to the applicant by the concerned authorities within one working day. In this process, you will not have any kind of police verification. If you wish to have police verification for the issuance of passport, your passport will be despatched in 3 working days. Even after despatching the passport, police verification will be done later.

According to a new law made by Bharatiya Janata Party and Sushma Swaraj, the police verification will be conducted after the issuance of Passport in various cases. This law was introduced in the month of January 2016. You can also track the status of your passport by visiting the official website of passport Seva within 1 to 3 working days, the passport applicant will be receiving their new passport via post from the concerned department.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

[**Official] Passport Seva Kendra. All You Need To Know About PSK

Passport Seva Kendra

Do you have a Passport? If not, you can get your Passport from the nearest Passport Seva Kendra located in your state. But, what is the actual use of Passport? A Passport is an essential document which is particularly used at the time of travelling other countries for various purposes like education, tourism, business works, family visits, medical checkup and much more. To be precise, a passport is a licence for a citizen to enter into other country. Any citizen residing in a country across the world must and should have a Passport if he or she plans to visit other country.

During the last few years, the need of passport is being increased due to the developing economy and expanding globalisation across the globe. There are some of the factors that have allegedly enhanced the demand for Passport and other related services. In order to attain the progressing demand for Passport in the country, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) have rolled out a new project called Passport Seva Project (PSP) in the month of May, 2010. 

In order to get a Passport, the citizen of India must visit Passport Seva Kendra located nearby your place. Passport Seva Kendra has the responsibility to verify all the credentials of a Passport Applicant, verify whether the details of the Passport Applicant are valid or not and then issue them a Passport. Passport Seva Kendra provides simple, efficient and transparent services to all the citizens of the country by delivering various passport and related services. Here is everything you need to know about the Passport Seva Kendra and its incredible services offered to the citizens residing in India.

Passport Seva Kendra

All the citizens residing in India who are planning to depart from India must and should have a mandatory document called Passport. This is the main possession for every Indian citizen looking to go abroad for education, job and other purposes. The citizen must have a valid Passport to enter other country. A Passport is also called as a travel document.

Types of Passports offered by Passport Seva Kendra

There are different types of Passports or Travel Documents that are made available to the citizens of India under the Passports Act 1967. Here is a list of various types of Passports that are issued to the citizens of India by the Passport Seva Kendra:
  • Ordinary Passport 
  • Official Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Emergency Certificate
  • Certificate of Identity

Passport Seva Kendra – Passport Office

Passport Seva Kendra is usually referred to as PSK which is a Passport Office where you can acquire all the details related to Passport. A Passport is a significant travel document which is used by the citizen of India to travel abroad for various reasons that include pilgrimage, business tasks, tourism, education and much more. These days, people residing in India are showing much interest in studying in abroad or travel to some other desired country as a tourist. This is the reason massive demand for Passport has been increased these days even in small towns and cities.

The Government of India has introduced Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in order to make all its services available to each and every citizen residing in India. The Passport Seva Kendra provides a valid Passport to an applicant in just few days after verification process. In every small town and city the Government of India has launched Passport Seva Kendra or Passport Office in order to facilitate every Indian citizen. From the Passport Seva Kendra you can get all the essential services like application for a new Passport, checking the status of Passport, renewal of Passport and much more services.

Tatkal Passport

The Ministry of External Affairs has rolled out a new process for getting Passport in a simple way using various schemes such as Tatkal Passport. You can get a new Passport within two weeks by using Tatkal Passport. In order to get Passport in few days, the Government has launched Passport Seva Kendra.

Passport Seva Kendra Offices 

  • Clickhere to Go Official Website of Passport Psk.
  • You can search for the nearest Passport Office by pin code or by name of passport office.
In India, there are a total of 77 Passport Seva Kendra Offices available to all the citizens of India. For all these PSK offices, it has their own website for all the local citizens. Apparently there are 37 Passport Seva Kendra online web portals that helps the citizens to check their nearby Passport Seva Kendra office. This is all you need to know about the Passport Seva Kendra.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

{**Gov} How to Apply Passport. Complete Guide for how to apply passport online

How to Apply For Passport Online Easily [Detailed Step by Step Guide]

Passport is an essential travel document which is required for every individual who travels to various locations outside the country. A passport is usually issued by a country's government that verifies the identity and nationality of the holder for the use of international travel.Usually, a passport consists of various details of the passport holder such as name of the holder, place, and date of birth, signature and other essential details. If you are seeking to apply for a new Passport, we are here to assist you in applying for a new Passport document. Here is a detailed guide that helps the users to apply for a passport online via the Passport Seva portal. Check it out!


How to Apply for Passport Online?

Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure that helps the users apply for a new passport online:

Step 1: Create Login ID at official Passport portal(clickhere to go).
  • First of all, visit the official portal of passport Seva. 
  • Choose the option that shows ‘New User, Register now.’
  • You will get a new registration form displayed on the screen. Fill in your name and date of birth in the provided fields. 
  • You need to fill in your login id and password details.
  • Choose the nearby passport office in the city. Once you are done filling all your details, hit the ‘Register’ button provided at the bottom of the form. Here ends the registration process. 
  • You need to remember your login id and password for opening your account in future.
Step 2: Enter your Details and Submit Passport Application Form
  • Once you have completed the registration process, you need to head over the process of filling in all your details in the application form.
  • You need to login the portal of Passport Seva using your previous login id and password. 
  • Select ‘Apply for Fresh Passport’ option on the screen.
  • Now, fill in all your details in the application form that include your name, date of birth, address and much more.
  • You can either download it or send the application form in manual way.
  • After filling all your details, hit the Submit button. 
  • That’s it! This is the simple process to apply for a new passport. 

Passport Seva Kendra Appointment Booking

  • This is the final step in application procedure of passport. You need to take an appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra. Follow the below steps:
  • Select the option of ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ which is available at the bottom of your page. 
  • You can pay online and continue with booking your appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra.
  • You can get the list of all the Passport offices in your city or nearest to your city.
  • Book the time and date which is quite early for booking appointment.
  • Choose the office where you would wish to visit along with the relevant documents.
  • Take a print out of your appointment confirmation receipt and carry it while you visit the Passport Seva Kendra.
It is also advised that the applicant need to carry some other proof of identities for the reference of the officials.

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